At 5 AM last night, no morning, it started to thunder. And not just some booms and lightning, no crazy thunder for over an hour. After looking up the ceiling in my bed for about half an hour, I decided to take a picture of the lightning. My expectations were high, and as you might have seen above I fulfilled them entirely. Not.

The picture above is from Google, to be exact the 39th picture when you search for ‘lightning’. My own photo is down below. And well… I failed.
To start of I had to take a photo with snapchat, because my ‘normal’ camera on my phone has a sound which I can’t turn off. Secondly I accidentally pushed the button too long, what meant I was making videos instead of photos. To finish I was seconds too late every time. And when I finally took a picture… Well judge yourself.

But I did went out my bed at 5:30 AM to take a picture for my blog. The dedecation is what is important guys, the dedication.



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