Adventure time with moi: city things

This time in ‘adventure time with moi’ I explored a new part of the city. Quite an adventure huh.

Originally, my mom and I decided to go to a movie in an abnormal cinema. I am still not quite sure why this cinema is different than others, but apparently it is. At least different enough for me to visit for a school project (we were not allowed to go to a normal cinema).

First thing’s first: getting to the cinema. We lost the way three blocks away from the building (it’s on an old industrial area). So we parked the car somewhere and went on foot.
Not unimportant: Dutch Design Week was taken place here. So there were people. People everywhere.
But everywhere you looked were new, original and interesting designs. I couldn’t help it; I left my mom alone in the peopleflood and ran around to take some pictures. Results are as usual below (not so many tho, the weather was a bit drizzly).

We went to St. Vincent, a feelgood comedy. With a laugh and a little teardrop in the corner of my eye I left the cinema. Which surprised me, honestly. Probably it was the image of the cinema that made me sceptic about the movie.
So wherever you want to see a movie, don’t go with the image of the cinema, but with the stars of the movie.

(and yes we found the building, but I thought you might have understood that already)







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