An exciting stressfactor

Stress. It’s something that we all sometimes have, and all don’t want to have.

But for once, I have stress for something I am looking forward to.
November, December and January are for me all about movies. So many new movies are coming out which I desperately want to see, because that is something you have to do when you are a tremendous movie geek (o hey). Now I usually don’t really feel the need to go to the cinema. But now… I just need to.

19 November: The Hunger Games, Mockingjay part 1
This is not my favourite in this list, so if I have to make choices, I won’t go to this one. I just think the hype around the Hunger Games ruines it a bit, and I dislike the decision to split the last part in 2. Very unnecessary, probably only to earn money (like Twilight, except Twilight is bad).

10 December: The Hobbit, the battle of the five armies
I CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS MOVIE. I am a huge fan of Lord Of the Rings and the Hobbit (so far, have to admit I haven’t read the book so that already makes it better), and I have already started rewatching all the Peter Jackson movies before I watch the last part. I’m sad it will be a defining chapter. Just like Harry Potter, we have to say goodbye to another great story. But there is always hope for more!

25 December (Christmas woohoo): Into the Woods
This movie is made for me. A musical, Disney fairytales and Johnny Depp in one movie… Am I dreaming?!

23 January: Mortdecai
I never ever say no to a hilarious new Johnny Depp movie. And here we have it, Johnny Depp pretending to have a British accent playing an art dealer. That can only turn out good.

Furthermore I am looking forward to the Minions movie (Despicable me prequel (2015), the new Harry Potter trilogy (Fantastic beasts and where to find them (2016)), Pirates of the Caribbean (Dead man tell no tales (2017))  and many more movies which I can’t think of right now.


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