Answer -short story

Uninterested she pulled up one eyebrow and looked up. ‘What did you say?’ was the question floating through the air into my ear. I was distracted by that one eyebrow disappearing under her bangs. It looked rather gruff, which partly annoyed me and at the same time amused me. The eyebrow was clearly recently epilated. The skin around it was suspiciously clean and invisible under the conceiler, foundation or whatever it was.
I don’t like my eyebrows. Years ago I tried to epilate my eyebrows myself, but accidentally cut off the entire middle part. Since then I just let them be.

She clicked her tongue impatiently and stared furious at me. While her tongue made that sharp sound that still echoes in my head, her teeth peeked under her full red lips. Her teeth were perfect, which is not a subjective statement. They were the teeth from dentist games on the internet for children. Once you had filled the gaps, cleaned them and received the message ‘You have done a good job’, the remaining teeth were perfectly shiny. The only difference is that her teeth are naturally perfect. I admire that, natural perfect body parts.
-Her fingers ruffled on the table, her legs were switching between a crossed and spread position.-
Especially hands. Hands are the body parts that make someone human. They can touch, feel and sense a certain vibration not any other part can do.
Hers were long but elegant, a bit like a spiders legs. Her fingers, with all polished blood-red nails, were still ruffling, maybe on the melody of a song. I tried to guess which song. But her spider legs were too distracting to think of something else. If I had closed my eyes I would have drowned in the ticking sounds. The noises were going faster and louder, her nails were

‘So what were you saying?!’

An answer.
Before she would see the tender glance in my eyes faint.


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