What’s trending

I’ve always been intrigued by the way Massie Block (The Clique by Lisi Harrisson) keeps up with her daily diary. She writes down her thoughts in a table (‘because writing a story is too much work’) with two columns: ‘In’ and ‘Out’ where the meaning is to find in the word ‘trending’. What is in and what is out.

For your information, I have tried several times to keep up a diary, and they all majestically failed. But that was 6 years ago (not that that means I will succeed at this age).
Nevertheless, I would love to write down my adventures. I have my blog, but I ain’t gonna write down my private life here. Sadly or not.

So, my new year resolution is to write in my diary, Palm Pilot, Word document and above all a very secret area. Be warned.

(However, I already failed. Factually it’s the fifth of January and this idea has been playing on my mind for a long time.
Damn it.)


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