The end of another era

I did it.
I removed the last remaining object, which had been there for over 3 years.
The last thing left of the era.
The Lady Gaga-era.


I used to be the overly-obsessed fangirl everybody has heard of. The one that scream when there is a new video, and know every lyric of all the songs by hard. Lady Gaga was basically my life for 3 years, untill
the summer break of 2014 (and maybe even earlier).

And why did I lost interest? Well, I just got other stuff I started to like, and Gaga just didn’t fit in the picture anymore. I had a great time with her and because of her. But now it’s time to move on.
I made the last step by removing all the 100+ pictures from my door, which had been -as I said above- there for over 3 years. 3 years they were the pride of my room, the attraction of my eyes and the first place I saw when I opened my eyes.

When I took down the pictures, I had very mixed emotions. Of every picture, every picture I knew the backstory, the year, sometimes even the day or the interview. After all this time I still remember every little fact of her life, and every interview is scripted in my brain.
But it’s good to let it go. To make space and time for other things.

(And I save a lot of money with it, so that’s a win.)

Thanks for the show Gaga. It was a great one.
Now it’s time to go home. Paws up.



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