Sometimes you have these days where literally nothing goes the way you want things to go/be. You can divide these days in categories: you lose things/bad news/forget stuff etc.

Aaand the categorie of today was:…. pain (lacking of synonims, I’m not at a hospital or so).
Just nothing worked out for me. Not even eating an apple was without fails. After I tripped over a bag, I bit my cheek and later in my tongue. I ran into people, bumped tables and (not to forget) I had gymnastics.
Normally, I’m good at sports. At least I’m always trying to do my best, as I did this time. I fell of bench while jump-stepping on it, bumped my knee a hundred times while pole vaulting and ran into the wall when I tried to catch the ball.
(About pole vault, I’m not bad at it, at least I came over the line, but don’t ask me how. I was flying through the air, but most of the time not really in the right direction).

Ah well. I made it savely home, and tomorrow is another day.
Let’s hope nothing else will happen. I’m going to take precautions and lie in bed with my laptop. Sounds like a good plan huh.


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