No phone, no photo

My phone is with me, everywhere. Not that I use it every minute, but I feel safe when I have it in my pocket. Also, when I have inspiration, the notebook or camera on my phone is the first thing I use to secure this.
But of course, that one time I decide not to grab it before I go, I walk to a location where I could take a million of pictures and are still not done.
As it was yesterday.
I had to go to the cycle repair (again). The first time I came it was closed, the second time I was lucky enough to get my cycle repaired on point. The only thing I had to do was wait and was allowed to look around in the eighty year old barn stuffed with tools and mechanics. I was dying to take pictures, but I wasn’t brave enough to ask the lady if I could. So when she had to search for a new light in the house and had to leave the barn for a minute, I couldn’t resist taking pictures.
Pockets of my jackets.
Only my gloves. No. Wait.
Front pockets of my jeans.
Back pockets of my jeans.
Absolutely empty. No. Are you kidding me.
The only time, the first time since weeks I got inspiration for photgraphs, I don’t have my phone with me. Better luck next time, as of now I’m always going to have my phone with me. It may seem as a move of an addict, but you never know.

So no photo today. Mweh.


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