Avengers adventure

Yesterday I went to the Avengers: Age of Ultron with my dad. I don’t go to cinema’s very often, only for movies I desperately want to see, and Avengers is one of them.
But, I’m not here to give you a movie-review (9.5/10 to be honest), but to talk about the movie experience. We went to 3D X.D Dolby ATMOS (or just 3D, as most people call it). The cinema was brand new, the seats were immaculate and the sound and screen were from the highest quality.
The sound was so good that the seats vibrated when there was a really low bass. You would expect the sound to be really loud, but actually it wasn’t. Because of the different speakers all around the room, you could here where the sound came from (does that make sense?). Punch in the face -right. Lightning from Thors hammer -left. The sound of an arrow whizzing -somewhere behind me. It made the movie so much more vivacious.

And the quality of the moviescreen itself… Mind blowing. Especially the parts where the screen was just filled with Tony Starks head (Robert Downey jr.) while he was flying in his iron man suit. You could count the moustachehairs on his upperlip (or touch them because it was 3D, but that might would have looked a bit dull). I could watch that scene in 3D hours long and still be jubilant, with some Thor scenes in between (Chris Hemsworth is my future husband. He just doesn’t know yet.)
The glasses were a bit of a minor. Already having glasses and placing these over them is not recommended. I kept pushing the glasses further up my nose until I secured the legs in my hair (surprisingly that worked).

But in the end, the best thing was the amount of people in the room. Although the Avengers is a pretty popular movie, there were only around 15 people in the room. And not one of them had eaten really loud.
The positives of a new cinema.


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