There are several places in my room -or house- where I could study. Each place has a different ambiance, which has an effect on my way of studying.
Firstly there is of course my desk. A place where every normal person opens its books to do homework. It really depends on my laptop if I make an effort to do my homework or not. Chances are that my laptop is just too attempting and begging me for attention, so I’ll drop my books on the left side of me on the floor and ignore them for the rest of the day.
Until the next morning, when I still have to do all the homework.


Secondly there is the possibility to work downstairs, in the kitchen/dinner room. I’m obligated to work there, because my mothers eyes will follow every move I do.
In other words: if my eyes are more fixed on my laptop than my homework I will get a note of that.
Sometimes my friend comes over to make homework together, like yesterday. When she left, I realised I would have never done so much stuff if she didn’t came around. Friends are so useful.


And then, to finish, there is my bed. If the scenario is that immediately after school I jump on my bed, I know I won’t do any homework. The sheets, the pillows… Everything just looks so attempting and comfortable (as in the picture above). And sometimes -with reluctance- I do some work.
I repeat some.

But in the end I always finish it.
I can be a good girl you know.


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