Performance with a little art

I’m quite ashamed to say that after 4 months and a full day working on the project I still can’t tell you exactly what ‘Performance Art’ is. So far my definition has been ‘a play without a story’. Probably that is the closest I will ever get to the exact meaning.

Nevertheless I had to make a violence-themed performance with 3 friends. The laughs were there but ideas no where to be found. After a while we grasped the idea of Performance Art and started working on an idea, including homo’s and hetero’s.

Sounds like fun.


Although we had worked ‘hard’ on our project, the thoughts were still quite insecure when we arived on our destiny yesterday: a building close to the city centre (shopping plans were already made) where we were expected to show our performance. After 20 minutes of practice and 3 hours of ultimate boredom the moment was finally there. With shaking hands and rapid body movements I walked down the stairs, while everybody was climbing them. We thought it was artistic to let everyone watch our performance from a height.
And honestly, it worked out! It’s a challenge to make up a play -no sorry performance- without a story, where every movement has to have a meaning and go with the music. Luckily I knew -and was the only one- when we had to do what, because I picked out the songs (Harry Potter inlcuded of course). Signing with my eyes to my fellow groupmates I moved backwards and forwards, screamed and fell on the floor.

You can’t say I didn’t do my best. The only thing left is my mark. Our mark.

I hope it was vague enough.



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