Oh Rome

Na twee jaar stond de langverwachte dag, of beter gezegd nacht, dan eindelijk voor de deur: het moment dat ik vertrok naar Rome met klasgenoten en leraren. Wat ik eraan heb overgehouden? Een paar blaren, muggenbulten, pijnlijke voeten, een gebruinde huid, maar vooral heel veel mooie herinneringen. Het begon al met het feit dat de […]

Say cheese

Last week, when I was in Rome, I’ve noticed how I started pointing the camera towards my classmates, instead of the incredible buildings we passed on our way. My friends faces were radiating joy, happiness and beauty, which were perfect to capture the atmosphere of the journey. Don’t get me wrong; the buildings were beautiful […]

But actually we did a picknick in the park

Hanging out with my best friend will never be ordinary, as proved once again yesterday. It was a day where we laughed, where we rescued cats out of trees (accompanied by her dad and little brother), where we used the lavatories of a very chique restaurant, where we cycled fifteen minutes just to go to […]


I am very lucky with my friends. Not only because they always know how to make me laugh and are there for me when I need them, but also because my friend has a swimming pool in her garden. And that comes in handy multiple times during the holiday, especially on particular hot days. Like […]